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Foresters rescue tiger cub caught in poachers’ trap


Bhopal:  A tiger cub was injured when some poachers allegedly tried to trap the animal in a snare in the core area of Madhya Pradesh’s Kanha Tiger Reserve (KTR).

The recent incident has revealed that poachers are active inside the famous tiger reserve of central India.

“Yes, I too have been informed that there was a bid to trap a cub in Bhaisanghat range of the KTR. We are looking into the matter seriously to find out the people involved in laying the trap,” Madhya Pradesh principal conservator of forests (wildlife) Narendra Kumar told PTI today.

In a bid to capture the cub, the feline sustained an injury on its back as it got entangled in the trap laid by the poachers.

The cub was tranquilised and rescued from the trap on March 8, after ground duty patrolling staff spotted it in a helpless state. It was kept in a cage for two days in the core area, forest department sources said.

A tigress came near the cage in search of its missing cub on March 10 following which the young striped animal was set free, they said.

As per the tiger census in 2009-10, there were around 60 striped animals in KTR.

Later, nearly 98 tigers, including 21 cubs, were noticed in KTR through cameras installed there during the last count in 2012-13, the reserve’s field director J S Chouhan told PTI.

However, the exact number of striped animals found in the landscape of KTR during the last count in the country has not yet come in, he added.

Earlier, poachers had tried to capture an adult tiger at Mukki range of the park in December 2006. Some tourists had then noticed the big cat writhing in pain inside the trap and had informed the forest officials.

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