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Fund Transfer gears up to the project affected


Funds worth Rs 135 crore have been delivered yet so far

jaitapurRajapur: The project affected people are turning up in numbers for collecting funds. As per the data, around 1030 beneficiaries turned up and collected Rs 135 crore till Wednesday.  At present, around 60 to 65% of the funds have been delivered to the beneficiaries and cheques of worth Rs 14 crore 77 lakh have been handed over to the affected.

It is reported that the fund transfer process gained speed after the communication between Narayan Rane, Minister of Industry and the project affected people. It is seen that the beneficiaries are turning up in numbers at Rajapur sub-divisional office for collecting the cheques.

Officials told that out of the funds of Rs 211 crore, cheques of around Rs 135 crore have been delivered. The lone village Madban received the funds of Rs 75 crore among 760 beneficiaries.

After Madban, people here also joined in getting the funds. Around 40 to 50% of the beneficiaries here have received the funds at present.  The process of fund delivering is continuously carried forward from the sub-divisional office.

The government has decided to deliver the funds among 2336 project affected people of Madban, Varchawada, Karel, Niveli and Mithgwane.

Talking with Prahaar, Pravin Khade, Sub-divisional officer, said, “There is a positive response from the beneficiaries in collecting the funds. It is expected that around 85% of the cheques will be delivered in upcoming two weeks,” he said.

It is reported that the numbers of receivers are turning such high that some of them have been seen waiting in the queue during the nights. Ex-MLA Ganapat Kadam followed the funds delivery procedure. Khade also communicated with the beneficiaries.

Talking with Prahaar, Kadam said, “As the beneficiaries are turning up in huge numbers, it is the major blow to those who were opposing the project,” he said.

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