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Gather under the flag of Congress for progress, says Narayan Rane


For progress and to complete all our dreams we need to gather under the flag of Congress which has ambitious thinking for you

RANE-at-Vaibhav-WadiVaibhavwadi: Financial progress brings development, only then the improvement of the financial condition in every family is possible. For progress and to complete all our dreams we need to gather under the flag of Congress which has ambitious thinking for you. Congress has always tried to reach every citizen. We are trying to bring education to match the intellects of next generation in this district. Youth must strive to develop trade and businesses through cooperation, the Minister of Industries, Narayan Rane said here.

He was speaking at the Congress meeting held at Sumitra Mangal Karyalay in Vaibhavwadi. He further said I have fulfilled the basic requirements like roads, water, small bridges on rivulets of Vaibhavwadi. I make sure that this region does not lag behind. Food Security Bill which is coming in December will not let any person in this country sleep hungry. Various schemes are under execution for women. I am trying to bring more trades and jobs for almost 50 thousand youths in this district. Two thousand decent jobs with handsome salaries will be created through Sea World project. The financial prosperity in family will only facilitate to the growth of youngsters. I am striving hard to bring this progress.

The scarcity of doctors will be handled once the medical college starts. But oppositions are clicking photographs of under construction building of the medical college with some journalists and defaming the project. I appeal to these unsatisfied souls that I will give you this land of college for free, if you have strength just come forward and start this college. Oppositions, whoever Shivsena, BJP, MNS or anyone else can bring it on, I alone can tackle them.

Shivsena, which is almost finished, is speaking about face off with us. They are putting allegations on Naik family for exploiting a poor person. But the Cooperation Fair and Women Fair were very evidently successful events. Congress is a one big family. The garland that you offered me belongs to the Congress. The garland of progress must reach every home, Rane insisted. On the occasion, Rajan Teli, President of District Bank; Satish Sawant, Congress District President and Sandesh Parkar were also present.


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