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German actor fascinated by Lord Hanuman


German actor Saskia Ranwig is hopeful the Prosenjit-starrer will be graced by lord Hanuman

hanumanKolkata: Coming to know about Hanuman for the first time when she was offered the role by director Gaurav Pandey, German actor Saskia Ranwig (rpt Saskia Ranwig) is hopeful the Prosenjit-starrer will be graced by the Hindu deity.

“I came to know about Lord Hanuman during the script reading process and I play school teacher Anjaniputra’s partner when he reaches Iceland. Sharing frame with Prosenjit Chatterjee was an experience, I already knew he was such an actor,” the beautiful blonde said.

“My character is called Maria in the film and this movie opened up my knowledge about Hindu mythology a bit. Now I know Anjaniputra is the other name of Hanumanji. We pray to Hanumanji that the film is received well and does well both here and internationally. It has been made with lots of care,” she said.

Prosenjit and some other members of the cast offered prayers to Lord Hanuman at an old temple in the city as the on screen Anjaniputra came face to face with his mythological avatar.

“So much crowd, devotees, such spirit of reverence and a riot of colors from the flowers to the priest’s robes, it is a fascinating experience. I love the frenzy,” the model-turned-international actor said.

The film, which boasts of a mixed global cast, actors and crew from Berlin and Iceland, besides that of Bengal dwells on how Anjaniputra gets to know the European through the net and arrives at Iceland, which is one end of the world.

Hanuman.com, produced by Cinenine, will be released on December six.


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