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Gold will be found on Sarkar’s wish!

Raja Rao Ram Bux fort

Yellow metal not in sight, ASI digging continues as routine

Raja Rao Ram Bux fortUnnao: With “gold” nowhere in sight, excavation continued at the fort of former king Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh in Daudia Kheera village here and only 10 centimetres of digging was done today.

Sub-divisional Magistrate Vijay Shanker Dubey said that 4.80 metres digging was done till yesterday, which was stopped after further digging of 10 centimetres.

Meanwhile, Shobhan Sarkar’s disciple Omji took a U-turn from his earlier claim of discovering gold and Nalanda-like civilisation at the site.

Talking to reporters he said that the gold would not be discovered until and unless Shobhan Sarkas wishes so.

The gold was meant for the Reserve Bank of India so that the economic condition of the country stabilises, Omji said, adding, that the gold would not be recovered until the process of depositing it in the RBI was complete.


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