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Government forms a committee to study pollution on coastline


The government has formed a committee to study ill effects of pollution on fish production on this coastline

tarkarli-beach-300x225Ratnagiri: Fishermen are constantly complaining of the waste released by chemical factories in sea water which affects the production of fishes at large. The government has taken note of the issue and formed a committee to study ill effects of pollution on fish production on this coastline.

The committee includes the Director of Pollution Board, Deputy Director of State Fisheries Department, Deputy Director of Industrial Development Board, Tehsildars of Mumbai, Thane, Raigadh and Ratnagiri, Senior Scientist of NOIA located in Mumbai, representative from Dapoli Konkan Agriculture University, CMFRI, Senior scientist from Mumbai and Regional Deputy Commissioner of Fisheries Department.

The committee will study the situation and present its report to the government within three months.

Chemical waste is released in sea water and channels by the factories located at Thane, Raigadh, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg along with Mumbai so the fishermen constantly complain about its ill effects on the fish production. When the issue was raised in legislative assembly, concerned minister assured about formation of a committee to conduct a study in this regards. Accordingly, government formed a committee and decided their scope of work which primarily includes the effects of chemical wastes released on the seashores, channels and sea water in the state. Also, they will study its effects and the extent of effects on the earnings of fishermen. Apart from this, the committee will study the numbers of affected families and their losses, the species of affected fishes and their conservation; also the measures to prevent it in the future.

The Deputy Commissioners of Fisheries Department in concerned districts will be present to offer required support when a committee visits their district. If the need be, committee can instruct the representatives of Fishermen cooperative organizations to be present.

Especially the residents of Lota village are complaining for long time of this pollution. The issue will be highlighted now when the government has looked into the matter and formed a committee to solve it.

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