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Grammy musicians to play with Rajasthani musicians at Jodhpur Riff

New year's eve in Mumbai

New Delhi: Blending diverse forms of music from across the world along with Rajasthani folk songs, the annual Jodhpur Riff Festival is scheduled to begin on October 23 at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur this year.

“The underlying theme is always showcasing the best of traditional Rajasthani music. This year, the other strands running through the festival build on Jazz and African-Reggae sounds,” says Divya Bhatia – Festival Director, Jodhpur RIFF.

This year’s Grammy winner Wouter Kellerman, one of the highlights of the festival is expected to blend together traditional and classical compositions. Besides a performance by 1991 Grammy winner Yossi Fine is scheduled to¬† lead this year’s moonlit jam.

Jodhpur Riff, a not-for-profit project, seeks to offer patronage and encouragement to the often neglected Rajasthani Folk music. It is timed to coincide with Sharad Purina, the brightest full moon of the year in north India.

“The patrons of Jodhpur Riff were genuinely concerned about the fact that our traditional music culture was languishing and really needed to be supported and promoted” says Bhatia

“The musicians were largely neglected and their livelihood was under constant threat. RIFF was conceived as a platform for and a celebration of these wonderful musicians,” he says.

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