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‘Hapoos’ mango in danger during this season


Untimely rain and uninvited storm has ruined the dream of better yield of mangos at the beginning of season

mangosRatnagiri/Sindhudurg: Untimely rain and unfortunate storms has ruined the dream of better yield of mangoes at the beginning of this season. Cultivators are combating the situation of losses worth crores of rupees. The disaster enhanced with another heavy rain in the district on April 20.

Ill-timed rains washed Sahyadri ranges some couple of days back; adding to the disaster, hailstorm in the region washed-off crops of farmers in 28 districts. Though Konkan was unaffected by this untimely rain, blustery weather damaged mangoes largely.

Mango cultivators were distressed due to these untimely rains, storms, sudden changes in climate resulting in emergence of worms on crops. They were hoping to recover losses of last few years when sudden cold climate devastated their dreams.

Mango trader Prasanna Pethe informed that sudden cold climate during nights in mango plucking season affected its growth largely. Mango production has dropped down to mere 10 per cents.

Sindhudurg Agricultural Production Market Committee has appealed to the cultivators not to believe in rumors and quit depending on Mumbai market, instead move towards Belgaon and Sangli market were mangoes get fair price returns.

The Committee has enlightened cultivators about facts and alerted them about agents who might buy canning mangoes at low price and trading of stolen canning mangoes. In this case Committee can be contacted for further action.

Also, Committee can make arrangements for getting appropriate rate to mangoes with some companies if cultivators could confirm the quantity of mangoes they can provide, said President of the Committee Sambhaji Satam.

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