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Harvesting takes speed with monsoon’s rest…


As the returning monsoon stayed for longer, farmers expected increase in the compensation from the Govt. 

Bhat-BharadniSawantwadi: The continuous rains from the past few months have been stopped from past week. The returning monsoon is a farmer’s happiness these days. The harvesting works like cutting, threshing has taken the speed.

Most of the farmers in Sawantwadi are seen busy in cutting the paddy crop. The farmers are inclined to use modern technologies for cutting the crop in less time. Some of the farmers are worried about returning monsoon.

Local farmers were worried about the continuous rains from past few months as the paddy crop blossomed.

As the paddy sowing took place earlier this year, the crop was ready by the month of September. Some area has to bear major loss as the monsoon rained continuously. Some tried cutting the crop but it was failed. It is reported that after the rains have stopped from past week, 30% of the cutting is completed in the region.

The farmers in the area can be seen busy in threshing the paddy on the carpets in the fields. It is seen that local farmers’ traditional attitude is changing and they prefer modern equipments.

As the returning monsoon stayed for longer, the loss in the wet lands was higher. Thus farmers expected that the government should increase the compensation for the loss of crop that takes place in returning monsoon.

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