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HC seeks details of earning of Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav


Rajpal_Yadav3New Delhi: Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav, facing recovery lawsuit for taking a loan of over Rs 5 crore from a businessman here, was today asked by the Delhi High Court to furnish details of his earnings post the release of his directorial venture ‘Ata Pata Laapata’ in 2012.

Comedian Yadav and his wife Radha had allegedly taken the loan from Delhi-based businessman, M G Agarwal, owner of Murli Projects, in 2010 to make his directorial debut with the Hindi film ‘Ata Pata Laapata’.

“If I would have money, then why I would have gone behind the bars?,” the counsel for the actor said, adding he is not being paid well after the filmmakers knew about this litigation.

A bench of Justice Gita Mittal and Justice J R Midha also advised the owner of Murli Projects, who had lent the money, that he should make a movie with Rajpal as it may help him get the money recovered.

The court’s suggestion came after the counsel for the actor said his client is unable to pay the sum as the producers and directors are not paying him well.

The actor said that earlier he was paid Rs 50 lakh for a movie but after this case, he gets Rs 2-5 lakh for a movie. “I (Yadav) am not trying to avoid the payment.

I am trying hard to pay back the money,” the counsel said.

Senior advocate Dayan Krishnan, resenting the lender, opposed the plea saying “here is a man who is completely misusing the process of law.”

The lawyer also said that after 2012, he has acted in a lots of movies and must have earned a huge sum.

However, in his affidavits, he never disclosed the names of those movies, the lawyer said adding that he lacked the intention to repay.

Krishnan said the situation is similar to that of Sahara chief Subrata Roy and Rajpal too should be sent to jail for not paying the money.

The court, however, did not allow the plea saying the purpose of the businessman will not be served by sending the actor to jail as no money can be recovered through that.

“Like Subrata Roy, you want him to be sent to Tihar. You won’t be able to recover your money,” the judge said.


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