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High tides continue to hit Konkan coast


Despite uneven rainfall, high tides remain hitting Vengurle taluka

DEVBAGH-UDHANACHA-TADAKHA-2Vengurle/Devgadh/Vijaydurg: Despite uneven rainfall, high tides remain hitting Vengurle taluka. These heavy tides of turbulent ocean are becoming dangerous day by day and washing away shores.

In Devgadh and Kunkeshwar, these tides have reached last point of the shore; not only this but they have captured complete Fort Vijaydurg.

Vengurle is one of the popular tourist attractions with scenic sea shore in Konkan but these stormy waves have left people terrified.

Fortunately, preventive mounds, built on Nawabagh beach with the investment of crores of rupees, are providing relief to Vengurle; similarly mounds built at Kurlewadi, Shiroda, Kalvi Bandar are safeguarding these areas. Without these fencing, Vengurle would have had definitely faced mishaps like Malvan-Devbagh.

Satisfied fishermen expressed that not more than five-six years back these areas had problem of water entering their residences but these mounds proved to be boon for them.

Meanwhile, these high tides have washed away Suru and Coconut trees from Konkan coast on large.

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