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Hillary says New York win ‘personal’, blasts Trump, Cruz

Hillary Clinton

New York : Vowing to “lift each other up”, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton lambaste her Republican rivals Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for promoting a “divisive and dangerous” vision for the US as she celebrated her victory in the crucial New York primary today.

“Thank you New York,” Clinton said to a thundering cheer from supporters following the impressive win in the state where she served eight years as Senator.

“Today you prove once again there is no place like home… This win is personal,” said Clinton, joined by her husband ex- president Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea during the speech.

The former Secretary of State was projected to win comfortably having got 57.4 per cent of the votes, ahead of 42.6 per cent votes polled by her rival Bernie Sanders.

Vowing to move forward and work with the American people, Clinton reaffirmed to pass comprehensive immigration reform and guarantee equal pay for women. She also stressed on taking out systemic racism and reforming the criminal justice system.

Calling out Trump and Cruz for their remarks against Muslims and women, she said, “Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have a vision for our country that’s divisive and dangerous- rounding up immigrants or banning Muslims is just not who we are.”

“Threatening to ban Muslims” and treating American-Muslims like “criminal” go against “everything America stands for.”

“We are about lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. Our country is at its best when we come together — no one knows that better than New Yorkers,” she said.

Making a passing reference to Sanders, Clinton said it was not enough to just diagnose the problem, but have to explain how you solve them. “America is a problem-solving nation. We have set progressive goals for creating more jobs and providing dignity and pride,” she said.

Clinton termed “humbling” the trust shown to her by New York for the “responsibilities that await our next president.”

In his victory speech, Trump vowed to bring jobs back to America. “New York state has problems like virtually every other state in the union. Our jobs are being sucked out of our states, they are being taken out of our country and we are not going to let it happen anymore. We are going to stop this.”

Flanked by his family, friends and business associates, he said he will use America’s great business people to negotiate “unbelievable trade deals so we bring our jobs back.”

“We don’t let our companies go to Mexico and all of these other countries anymore,” he said. “Illegal immigrants are being taken care of in many cases better than our vets, that is not going to happen anymore.”

Trump vowed to get rid of Obamacare – a healthcare reform law that expands and improves access to care, calling it a “total disaster.”

He also took on the establishment Republicans, saying the party should not try to “take an election away” from the runaway vote and delegate leader. He said there was not much of a race left and “senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.”

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