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I am bipolar: Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

London, Nov 5 (PTI) Actress Amanda Bynes says she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Bynes, 28, was released from a psychiatric hospital last week after being committed involuntarily for 17 days, reported Contactmusic.

The revelation comes after 16 months of erratic behaviour, several stays in hospital, and even a denial from her own mother that the actress was suffering any kind of mental illness.

“I was diagnosed bi-polar and manic depressive (sic) so I’m on medication and I’m seeing my psychologist and psychiatrist (sic) weekly so I’m fine,” Bynes posted on Twitter. The star’s troubles began last year, when she was arrested in New York on a drugs charge and was subsequently placed on a psychiatric hold in July same year after starting a fire on the driveway of a neighbour’s home in California.

She was later moved to a rehab unit until her release in December, and in April this year her mother issued a statement insisting, “Amanda has no mental illness whatsoever” and blaming the actress’ problems on smoking marijuana.

Bynes returned to a psychiatric hospital last month after accusing her parents of abusing her, and she was freed last week after officials ruled she was fit for release providing her parents maintain their legal conservatorship over her finances.


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