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I am determined to make Sindhudurg happy and content: Rane


I will work persistently to complete all the wishes and hopes of people in this district, assured the Minister of Industries Narayan Rane


Kankavali: You, all my workers have supported me since 1990. I could keep working in the politics of Maharashtra with courage and achieved various positions due to your backing only. I could reach top positions because of people in this district and hence it is my duty to take efforts to improve your lifestyles. I am determined to make Sindhudurg happy and content. I will work persistently to complete all the wishes and hopes of people in this district, assured the Minister of Industries Narayan Rane.

He was speaking at a meeting organized by Kankavali taluka Congress. At meeting, the District President Satish Sawant, former MP and the President of Sindhudurg District Bank Rajan Teli, Vice President of Zila Parishad Sandesh aka Gotya Sawant, former Vice President of Zila Parishad Madhusudan Bandivadekar, Chairperson of Kankavali Panchayat Council Maithili Teli and Town President Pradnya Khot were also present.

I am confident that you all will make MP Dr Nilesh Rane win the elections by 50 thousand votes from Kankavali, he said, Dr Rane is second youngest MP of 543 total number of MPs. This constituency is one of the most influential ones; you have given most hardworking MPs in past who attracted even the Prime Minister by their work. Hence it is necessary to elect Dr Rane from here, appealed the Minister of Industries.

Congress has undertaken various educational, social and financial developments along with creating employments. Opposition parties have not worked even a per cent of it, so they don’t have face to ask for your votes. Congress has worked 100 per cent; hence Congress candidate must get 100 per cent votes and I am sure you will make this happen, Rane said while addressing the party workers.

Further attacking on opposition he said, votes cannot be earned with lies. Right from me, my every worker is taking care of people’s issues here; show me at least one from oppositions who is working for people’s welfare. Those who are giving only assurances should show their work first and then ask for votes.

When they speak about distributing money, why don’t they tell the source of it too? If this is how they were supposed to help people, why did they wait so long? Why did you failed twice in the elections of legislative assembly? He asked without mentioning Shivsena’s candidate. He added that it takes lot of hard work to gain trust; people don’t trust lies and they don’t vote these candidates either.

Shivsena does not possess the arrow now, I have brought it in Congress; all they have is bow which is of no use to them, he said while assuring that Congress will largely defeat Sena-BJP alliance. He said that I know Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi very closely. How a person who cannot speak truth to his voters, will become Prime Minister of this nation? He spends Rs 13 thousand crore on advertising himself as a CM; our CM Prithviraj Chavan never does that; he never strive to create untrue face by advertising all over.

Opposition has the agenda to defame Congress and win the power; they are behaving like a fish out of water without power in their hands, criticized Rane.

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