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I am optimistic about America: Obama


Washington, Nov 6 (PTI) Seeking to assure voters who rejected his Democratic Party in the mid-term elections, President Barack Obama said he is optimistic about America’s future and and he would take some concrete actions to give people a sense of progress and hope.

“I am really optimistic about America.” he said.

“We’ve slashed our deficit by more than half. More people have health insurance. Our businesses have the strongest balance sheets that they’ve had in decades. Our young people are just incredibly talented and gifted, and more of them are graduating from high school, and more of them are going on to college, and more women are getting degrees and entering into the workforce,” he said in response to a question.

The United States continues to be a magnet for the best and brightest from all around the world.

With two years left into his second and last term as President, Obama said, “My job over the next couple of years is to do some practical, concrete things — as much as possible with Congress; where itnot possible with Congress,
on my own — to show people why we should be confident, and to give people a sense of progress and a sense of hope.”
“Every single day, I’m looking for how can we do what we need to do better. Whether that is delivering basic services the government provides to the American people, whether that is our capacity to work with Congress, so that they’re passing legislation, whether it’s how we communicate with the American people about what our priorities and vision is.


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