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I look best when my bowlers are doing well

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Auckland:  Mahendra Singh Dhoni has received rich praise for his captaincy so far in the World Cup but he feels it is the performance of his bowlers that makes him look like a commanding leader.

Since spinners were in operation for 30 overs against Ireland, Dhoni was asked at the post-match media conference if he is at his best as a captain when he is experimenting with his bowling options. He smiled and gave a swift reply.

“No, I am best when the bowlers are bowling well,” he said.

He then went on to explain why it makes a captain’s job easier when you have a plan.

“It makes the job slightly easy for me because you have a plan. But unless it is executed well it can’t make you look like a good captain. It all depends on execution. You may have two slips, but if the bowler bowls on the pads, it doesn’t really look good. I feel that is where the remarkable difference has come from the bowlers’ end. They are bowling according to the plans,” said Dhoni.

In his own inimitable style which is laced with a bit of dry humour and sarcasm, Dhoni said, “You keep telling them “bowl to one line, bowl one line” and that creates pressure. But it was more said than heard by them. But now they have seen it and they have tasted it.”

“So when they come back for the Test series outside the sub-continent, they will still have the memories that outside the sub-continent a lot of time you have to stick to good lines and lengths, and that is something that rewards you. That will definitely change a lot of things for us. A lot of trouble that we have been having, that will be sorted.

“Hopefully, they will retain all the things that they have learnt here,” were the words of wisdom from the skipper.

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