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IEX sees higher demand for electricity than supply in Sept


electresity.jpegNew Delhi: Demand for power continued to outstrip supply on the Indian Energy Exchange in September, while electricity price came down to Rs 4.18 per unit as compared to the previous month.

Bids for purchase of electricity touched 4.17 billion units last month whereas the sell bids stood at 3.11 billion units in September.

The increase in demand could largely be attributed to extended summer coupled with the onset of the festive season, Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) said in a statement today.

“Owing to limitations on the supply side largely due to reduced hydro and coal generation on account of coal scarcity and shortage of water, about 2.54 BUs were finally traded during the month (September), just about 2 per cent higher than 2.5 BUs traded in August,” it noted.

According to the bourse, the average Market Clearing Price (MCP) at Rs 4.18 per unit was characterised by supply restrictions and eased inter-state transmission congestion.  The price is lower than Rs 4.50 per unit seen in August.

“The overall inter-state transmission congestion eased substantially this month over the previous month as only about 42 MUs could not be traded this month as compared to 200 Mus lost in August.

“However, import constraints towards the Southern Region and transmission of power within Southern States remained a concern,” the statement said.

In September, there were 642 participants in the spot market on an average daily basis.


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