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In search of dumping ground…


Gram Panchayat of Murbad is facing a garbage disposal problem

DUMPINGThane: The garbage disposal management of Murbad Gram Panchayat has collapsed. Reason: The civic body does not possess its own dumping ground. The city produces some hundred metric tonnes of garbage each day. Thus the garbage is deposited on a private land. The dumping issue has raised a matter of local’s personal hygiene and health.

The gram panchayat administration had contacted Thane district collector office for government owned reserved land. But it is reported that there was no decision taken on the demand. Thus the unanswered question remains, for how much time the residents of Murbad will suffer the garbage odor problem?

It is also reported that Murbad gram panchayat from its foundation days, did not take efforts to construct a plan for the disposal of the solid waste.

With growing urbanization and increasing population the question has raised on the availability of the dumping ground. At present, the garbage carried by two four wheeler vehicles is carried with the help of a tractor. The garbage is thrown on a private ground behind the rural hospital. The area is a residential locality. Thus the odor coming out of the garbage has made the atmosphere unhygienic for the residents. Thus the citizens have to cover their noses with a handkerchief while entering the city.

Health issue of the cleaning staff

The gram panchayat has assigned 40 employees for cleaning purposes. The employees have to collect the garbage from the marketplaces as well as pick it up from the gutter. But it is reported that the gram panchayat administration has not provided precautionary masks, hand gloves, gumboots, etc. to the employees.

In addition, it is also found that the medical examination of the employees of the cleaning department is not conducted twice a year. Thus the question of health of these employees has also become serious.

Talking with Prahaar, Ravindra Desale, City chief, Republican Party of India (Athwale unit), said, “Citizens have been demanding a dumping ground to the gram panchayat from past several years. But the administration is purposefully neglecting the issue. We demand that they should find another ground for dumping the garbage. Otherwise we will organize an Andolan in protest,” he said.

Clearing gram panchayat’s stand, Kisan Kathore, Sarpanch, Murbad gram panchayat, said, “The gram panchayat administration is trying its best to solve the problem of the dumping ground. We have been demanding the district collector office for a vacant land in industrial zone from the year 2010,” he said.

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