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Inadequate action on the adulteration in silver foil


No actions are taken on the sweets garnished with adulterated silver foils which are being sold everywhere

mithaiMumbai: Ready made sweets in the market are often garnished with silver foils to make it look attractive and beautiful. But these foils happened to be adulterated and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had announced a campaign against them. But in reality, no actions seems to be reached to the shops.

These sweets which are hazardous to health are being sold everywhere. ‘Swabhimaan’ organization has given a strong signal to BMC and Police administration that a protest will be witnessed if they don’t take action on these sweets.

The BMC had issued a circular about hazardous sweets having adulterated silver foils and ordered a ban and strict action on them. The Corporation took this step after the instructions from Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh. Singh also thanked the Mayor and Additional Commissioner for it later.

But in actual no actions were taken on these sweets. Hence, ‘Swabhimaan’ has sent a letter to BMC Additional Commissioner Manisha Mhaiskar, Executive Health Officer, Gaondevi Police Station and Health Officers in ‘D’ ward office to demand a seize on such sweets and ban on the sweet sellers.

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