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India has immense animation potential: Japanese artist


Nao is optimist about India as a leader in animation industry

whatsupNoida: For Hirasawa Nao, a leading global name in the field of animation and graphics, India holds immense market potential for animation.

“India has immense potential for animation and should host animation festivals every six months to boost this platform of creativity,” says Nao, a producer associated with a leading animation and graphic movie industry in Japan.

Nao was the centre of attraction at the 4th Anime Convention that concluded at the Film City here recently.

“Basically, I am not an animator. I am a producer, so I coordinate with the creators (directors, animators, and script writer) to make sure the product is integrated. But I mastered the art by being surrounded by so many original minds and talent,” says Nao.

Acclaimed Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino’s cult film “Kill Bill Vol 1” featured an animated sequence inspired by work done by Nao and his company.

“One morning Tarantino came all the way from Hollywood to Tokyo and knocked on our studio’s door. Impressed by what he had seen in ‘Ghost in the Shell’, a manga movie series, he decided to work with us. He talked with our company’s president and we worked on that series. The movie did well. It was a completely new experience and that gave us better exposure to a wider world,” says Nao.

Nao, has to his credits, programs like, “The Prince of Tennis” (2006), the five-part movie series “Broken Blade” (2010) etc and who has helped to develop  artwork for games like Namco Tales Studio’s famous title, “Tales of Symphonia.”

“India is a promising country. Several creative works are sprouting out from different parts of the country and I think in future India will be one of the leading countries in the field of animation,” says Nao.

Nao was one of the experts from Japan Korea, US and Switzerland participating at the Anime Convention, a flagship event of Cinedarbaar, which partnered with Korea.

“It was refreshing to see a convention where the focus was on creativity, for creators, rather than on merchandise selling for fans,” says 25-year-old Nao.

Nao says when he was younger he used to watch loads of TV animated series, which helped him when he took it up as a profession. Now, as a producer and director Nao has six movies under his hat.

“I began watching anime when I was a teenager. I liked ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and ‘Princess Mononoke’. I not only liked the imagery of Japanese anime, but also strong stories and the ideas behind their work. I wanted to become an animator. But since I was no good at drawing, instead studied copyright law in university and entered the animation industry that way. Now I am satisfied as a producer.”

Nao and his company Production IG claim they aim to “entertain and encourage young talent. And also, it is very hard to choose the best idea from several good ideas.”

“We have to handle two things, the originality of the story and characters as well as the creativity of the artists who produce them into something that an audience can understand and like,” he says.

Production I G and Nao are currently working with robot animation series, which he claims has a huge audience not only in Japan, but also in several other countries too.

“We just released a new chapter in the Ghost in the Shell series, titled Ghost in the Shell Arise. It tells the back story of the series and characters. We would like to continue producing new robot animation series. We believe this is a very important genre in Japan and other countries,” says Nao.

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