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‘Indians abroad should become partners in India’s progress’

Dubai, Nov 6 (PTI) Indians working in different parts of the world should not forget their roots and become partners in their country’s progress, Indian mathematician Anand Kumar has said and highlighted the need for inclusive education to tackle world’s biggest challenges.

“It is the duty of those who have succeeded, to look back and give something back to the society, it plays an invaluable part in every individual’s success.

Hence, once you succeed, you must share your success with the society as well,” Kumar the founder of Super 30, said at a function organised in Qatar.

He said there was a need for inclusive education, which alone can effectively tackle world’s biggest challenges such as poverty, illiteracy and unemployment.

He was invited by the Indian community in Qatar to speak on his globally acclaimed effort to mentor students from the underprivileged sections for admission to IIT.

Impressed by his works, the Indian community in Qatar also felicitated Kumar and named him as the ambassador of the initiative taken by the community in Qatar for Indians living there.

Belal Khan, organiser of the event, said that, “Kumar’s inspiring work of helping the underprivileged youth climb the social ladder is what motivated him to select him as the ambassador.

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