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Indians want to remain socially connected on holidays


Most Indian travelers like to remain socially connected through their smartphones, as per the study

smartphoneNew Delhi: Holidays might be the time to unplug, but most Indian travelers like to remain socially connected through their smartphones.

The desire to stay connected with family and friends at home and fear of missing out on latest updates were the primary reasons behind the growing attachment to mobile connection and social media while on holiday, a recent survey has found.

Indians (96 per cent) were not only ranked above the global average of 87 per cent for using mobile devices while on holiday, but they also bragged the most on social media about their trip.

According to the TripBarometer Mobile and Social survey, Indonesians were most inclined to use mobiles when they were on the road (98 per cent), followed by Indians (96 per cent).

Globally, of all generations, 18 to 24-year-olds were the most avid users of mobile while travelling (94 per cent) and women (88 per cent) were slightly more attached to their mobile devices while on holiday than men (85 per cent).

The survey also found more than a third of Indians (37 per cent) admitted to showing off on social media about their holiday. Of these, 14 per cent said they do it to make their friends jealous while 23 per cent said it wouldn’t be a holiday unless their friends know about it.

Globally, only 19 per cent of travelers use social media channels for these two purposes combined.

Mobile is making it possible for travelers to stay connected at all times during their trip, whether via smartphone or tablet.

While calling (73 per cent) and texting (62 per cent) remain the key reasons for travelers to use their smartphones during travel, a significant portion of them use it to access social media and look for recommendations on-the-go about hotels, restaurants, things to do and reading reviews.

The study also shows that Indian travellers were more inclined than the average global travelers to use their smartphones to access social media and look for recommendations on-the-go.

About one in three Indian travellers relied on social media to plan their last trip, with a majority using it to see pictures and videos of where they were going (72 per cent), get recommendations (70 per cent), and find inspiration for what to do and see while they were there (59 per cent) and to look for deals (58 per cent).

According to the study, 61 per cent of travelers globally were also engaging heavily in social media during their holidays.

“Indians are significantly more likely to use their mobile devices while travelling as well as access social media while on holiday. Indians also emerge on top as most likely to brag on social media while on holiday,” Country Manager, TripAdvisor India, Nikhil Ganju said.


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