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Inflation shadows Bakrid celebrations


Goats’ prices vary with the shape and moon’s natural design on the forehead of the goat for the festival 

BAKARI-ADDAMumbai: Bakrid, the day of ‘Kurbaani’ aka holy sacrifice, will be celebrated on Wednesday. Considering the celebrations from the Muslim fraternity, male goats have been imported in numbers for the sacrifice in Bhaykhala, Deonar and Govandi area.

It is reported that around 2000 male goats worth some lakhs are made available for the festival at Bakri Adda of Bhaykhala. The prices of the goats and male goats are high as the transport charges have increased with the price hike of diesel and petrol.

Khatik lane area has been serving the male goats for festival selling from several years. Moon is considered sacred in Islam. Thus those goats having the shape of moon on their foreheads have a high demand and get sold in high prices.

Massive crowd could be seen on the 12 stalls created for goat selling, at Bhaykhala. The sellers told that around 2000 goat varieties that of Khasi, Andu, China, Kashmiri, Marwad, Barchari, etc are available for sell.  For the occasion of the festival, the goat selling starts from Rs 30,000 to Rs 4 lakhs. Goats with big horns are exhibited in the Muslim mohallas on Bakrid.

Inkeshaf Kara, a seller told Prahaar, “As the prices of the fuel have gone high, the goat prices are also gone high. There is not enough space for keeping goats here so we bring them two to three days before the festival for sell,” he said.

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