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International news for the week


Digest of international news for week Apr 19- Apr 25, 2014

Karachi: Senior Pakistani TV journalist Hamid Mir, who faced threats from multiple quarters here including the Taliban, was today shot at in Karachi by four unidentified gunmen who waylaid his vehicle near a bridge on way to his office.

Jindo: Divers retrieve the first bodies from submerged South Korean ferry that capsized nearly four days ago, marking a grim new stage in the search and recovery process.

Kabul: Former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah is leading Ashraf Ghani in Afghanistan’s presidential election by 11 percentage points after half of the ballots were counted, officials said today, with a run-off vote likely next month.

Mokpo (South Korea): The confirmed death toll from South Korea’s ferry disaster rose past 50 as divers finally found a way inside the sunken vessel, quickly discovering more than a dozen bodies in what almost certainly is just the beginning of a massive and grim recovery effort.


Kut: Suicide bombers attack two checkpoints south of Baghdad among a spate of attacks in central Iraq that killed 23 people as a general election looms next week.
Jindo (South Korea): The actions of the captain and crew of a capsized South Korean ferry were “tantamount to murder,” President Park Guen-Hye condemning their “unimaginable” decision to escape while hundreds were still trapped in the sinking vessel.
London: Around 75 professors and other academics of Indian origin working at some of Britain’s prestigious institutions such as Cambridge and Oxford university and London School of Economics issued an open letter, sharply attacking Narendra Modi and saying, “The idea of Modi in power fills us with dread”.

Perth: Aerial search for the crashed Malaysian jet was suspended today due to a tropical cyclone over the southern Indian Ocean, as a robotic mini-submarine scouring the seabed failed to locate the plane’s wreckage after nine missions.


Islamabad: Peeved at what it calls “false and scandalous reports” targeting the powerful ISI and its chief, Pakistan’s Defence Ministry has filed a complaint before the media watchdog seeking shutting down of Geo TV, the country’s leading news channel.

Lahore: A fistful of ashes of legendary Indian journalist and author Khushwant Singh have been brought to his birthplace in Pakistan’s Punjab province to fulfil his desire to be “reunited with his roots”.


Perth: Hitting yet another dead end, the search for the crashed Malaysian jet failed to make any headway as an object washed ashore on Australia’s coast was not from the plane, with 90 per cent of the focused area scanned without any trace of the wreckage.

Rome: Italy is mulling international arbitration over its two marines accused of killing two Indian fishermen in 2012 as bilateral efforts have failed, says Defence Minister Federica Mogherini.


Jakarta: A drunk passenger sparks a hijacking alert on a Virgin Australia flight heading for the Indonesian resort island of Bali when he attempted to break into the cockpit.

Mazar-i-Sharif (Afghanistan): Flash floods in northern Afghanistan after two days of torrential rain have killed more than 80 people, officials with scores more missing as helicopters searched for stranded villagers.

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