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International News for the week – Feb 15-Feb 21, 2014
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Kandahar (Afghanistan): With Afghanistan set for presidential elections ahead of the US troop drawdown, India extends its full support for a reconciliation process involving people of the war-torn country.On board special aircraft: India would provide helicopters to war-torn Afghanistan “very soon”, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said months after President Hamid Karzai sought lethal weapons from the country.

Bangkok: Defiant Thai opposition activists vow to fight “to the end” as police braced to reclaim key state buildings and government headquarters besieged by protesters for months as part of their campaign to oust premier Yingluck Shinawatra.


Islamabad: The Taliban have decided in principle on a ceasefire that is likely to be announced in the next 24 hours but have demanded the Pakistan Army’s withdrawal from North Waziristan region and release of detained non-combatants.

Rome: Italy has regretted that the case of two of its marines accused of killing two Indian fishermen was not resolved within three days of the incident, before the issue became enmeshed in India’s “deadly judicial and political-electoral gears”.


Baghadad: A wave of explosions rocks Shia neighborhoods in Baghdad shortly after sunset, killing at least 19 people and wounding dozens.

Islamabad: The Pakistan government cancels a meeting with Taliban negotiators over the “heinous and brutal” execution of 23 troops by the banned militant group, raising doubts about a fledgling peace process aimed at ending a decade-old insurgency.

Kathmandu: All 18 people, including an infant and a foreigner, aboard a Nepal Airlines plane that crashes into the side of a snow-clad mountain in the country’s west have been killed.


Islamabad: Beleaguered former dictator Pervez Musharraf appears for the first time in a Pakistani special court conducting his treason trial but his indictment was put off till the judges decide his petition challenging their mandate.

Rome/New Delhi: A furious Italy upps the ante in its standoff with India over the trial of its two marines by recalling its Ambassador in New Delhi and accusing Indian authorities of “unreliable” behaviour amid reports that Italian government may freeze bilateral accords.

Bangkok: Four persons, including a policeman, are shot dead and 64 others injured today as Thai police raids an opposition rally site to reclaim areas taken over by protesters seeking to overthrow Premier Yingluck Shinawatra.


Beijing: All-weather allies China and Pakistan sign agreements for building an airport at the strategic Gwadar port and extend Karakoram highway as part of efforts to realise their “game changing” Economic Corridor project through PoK brushing aside Indian concerns.

Bangkok: Buoyed by a court order curbing the use of force against them, anti-government protesters in Thailand say they would “go after” embattled Premier Yingluck Shinawatra, a day after a police crackdown left five people dead and dozens injured.

Kiev: Anti-government protesters are locked in a stand-off
with riot police across burning barricades after fierce clashes left at least 26 people dead in Ukraine’s worst crisis since the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Kiev: Tossing firebombs, protesters advance upon police lines today in Ukraine’s embattled capital, eve as government snipers shot back, killing at least 70 people and wounding hundreds of others, according to a protest doctor.

Bangkok: Faced with charges of neglect of duty on a controversial rice subsidy scheme, embattled Thai Premier Yingluck Shinawatra says she had done nothing wrong even as protesters demanding her ouster threatened to disrupt businesses linked to her wealthy family.

Male: Pakistan assures India that it is moving expeditiously with the trial of seven persons accused of involvement in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks and an outcome is expected in a “couple of months”.

Beijing: Defending a proposed Economic Corridor through the disputed Kashmir region, China says the multi-billion dollar project will have “no detriment” to the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan.


Washington/Beijing: US President Barack Obama offers “strong support” for Tibetans’ human rights as he met the region’s spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, defying China which lodged a diplomatic protest stating that bilateral ties had been seriously damaged by it.

Kiev: In a fast-moving day that could significantly shift Ukraine’s political destiny, opposition leaders sign a deal with the country’s beleaguered president that calls for an early election, a new constitution and a new unity government.

Islamabad: Pervez Musharraf’s efforts to stymie his trial on treason charges suffers a setback when a Pakistani special court dismissed the former military ruler’s petition to transfer his case to a military court and summons him to appear on March 11.


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