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Jijaai Foundation to financially empower women in Ratnagiri

Sindhudurg Mahila BHavan

Nilamtai is now all set to establish Bachat Gats movement of Sindhudurg Women in Ratnagiri as well

Sindhudurg Mahila BHavanChiplun: Jijaai Women Foundation works to gain better market for Konkani Meva under leadership of Nilamtai Rane. The foundation has taken step ahead by constructing Sindhudurg Mahila Bhavan and marked the Konkan Brand. Nilamtai is now all set to establish Bachat Gats movement of Sindhudurg Women in Ratnagiri as well.

A branch of foundation will be launch during a women’s fair to be held on 1st March in Chiplun with the initiative of Meghna Shinde a Mahila Congress Pradesh Secretary, to financially empower women in Chiplun.

The occasion will be attended by the Minister of Industries Narayan Rane, the Member of Parliament Dr Nilesh Rane, Nilamtai Rane, the President of Mahila Congress Pradesh Kamlatai Vyavhare, District President Ramesh Keer, Former MLA Subhash Bane and Ganpat Kadam etc. Women and members of Bachat Gats from all over the State would participate is this Women’s Fair.

Nilamtai Rane established a movement of Bachat Gats in Sindhudurg district where presently more than 3992 women Bachat Gats are working in almost all villages.

The production of Konkani Meva was increased to empower women and now it has become Konkan Brand. Sindhudurg Mahila Bhavan could be built and now this Bhavan will help to empower women financially. Women in Ratnagiri must follow this pattern so that a ‘Dhanlakshmi’ – Goddess of wealth, can be emerged from them as well. First attempt for this will be made from training school located at Pedhe.
Ratnagiri district has more than four thousand women’s Bachat Gats but they require proper direction. The district produces ample number of fruits like Sindhudurg but the production is not improved due to lack of training and technical knowledge. Nilamtai has taken initiative for this.

The training centre will initially provide training to women about processing on various fruits and garment industry. This centre will be a boon for women and it will help to financially empower women, Meghna Shinde believes.

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