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Joshi visits to wish but Thakarey has no time

Manohar Joshi

Manohar Joshi met Uddhav Thakarey at his residence to give wishes for Diwali

Manohar JoshiMumbai: Shivsena’s senior leader Manohar Joshi who had decided not to apologize and visit ‘Matoshree’ without invitation, today met Uddhav Thakarey at his residence to give wishes for Diwali.

Joshi attempted to please Shivsena Chief on the occasion of Diwali but doesn’t look much succeeded as he could spend only few minutes with Thakarey due to huge gathering of Shivsainiks on ‘Matoshree’. Joshi told reporters that he gave wishes to Uddhav Thakarey for Diwali.

Manohar Joshi had sent a letter to Thakarey after facing insult at Dassehera Rally stating that he will not apologize as he has not done any wrong. Also, he had resolute not to visit ‘Matoshree’ without invitation.

Earlier, he had criticized leadership of Uddhav Thakarey at a function in Dadar during Navratri. Disappointed Shivsainiks shouted against him during Dassehera Rally held at Shivaji Park and insulted Joshi had to leave the stage as well as venue. He alleged that this insult was pre-planned and this matter was handled inappropriately.

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