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Karul Ghat becomes hotspot of landslides

Karul Ghat

Frequent landslides in Karul ghat, which connects Sindhudurg with Kolhapur, have now made it dangerous to travel

Karul GhatPandur: Karul Ghat instantly became most important connecting route between Sindhudurg and Kolhapur after its inception 55 years back. But frequent landslides in this ghat have now made it dangerous to travel.

Not less than crores of rupees are spent till date on safety fencing, support walls, parapets etc but this ghat remains risky. Amboli Ghat and Phonda Ghat were built during British era but Mumbai government decided to build this ghat after independence. The construction work was completed in 1958 without using much machinery. A technology of digging at one place and filling the material at another place was prevalent in those days. The ghat was completed and opened for transport which is serving till date.

Karul Ghat starts at Karul Check Post and finishes 800 meter ahead of Kolhapur border in Gaganbawda. The 9 kms portion of this ghat falls in Sindhudurg. Sudden twists and deadly turns in here makes journey thrilling and risky at the same time.

Sindhudurg and Kolhapur shares good trade relations for which maximum transport takes place through Karul Ghat. Gradually number of heavy vehicles travelling from this route increased and due to lack of restrictions and regulations these vehicles deteriorated corners of high cliffs here. This has resulted in numbers of landslides in last seven-eight years. The route gets closed during monsoon for hours, even for days in worst scenarios. Around Rs two crore are already spent on safety measures.

Supportive walls are built but they are insufficient. Safety nets needs to be tied around the cliffs. Mere safety fencing is not enough, it require parapet wall around complete route. Contractor might have undertaken inferior quality work during construction which results in weakening parapets when dashed by even one car, falling safety fences and collapsing rocks of support walls during monsoon. This clearly shows that government’s expenditure is wasted and Ghat remains dangerous to travel even after undertaking safety measures.

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