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Kejriwal says BJP roped in Bedi and Ilmi after Modi flop show

Kejriwal addresses a rally

New Delhi: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal today took a swipe at the BJP, saying that it roped in former top cop Kiran Bedi and his one-time aide Shazia Ilmi when Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally here turned out to be dud.

Addressing a rally at Trilokpuri, which saw communal riots flaring up some three months back, the former Delhi chief minister accused the BJP of doing “venomous politics.” “The BJP is rattled and nervous. Earlier they sent 200 MPs to campaign in Delhi. I attended one of the rallies and I saw seven MPs on the stage and only ten people on the chairs. When that did not work, it pressed in its ministers.

“When ministers did not work, the Prime Minister stepped in . When his rally turned out to be a flop, now they have introduced Kiran Bedi and Shazia Ilmi in the party, but let me tell you truth will always prevail,” Kejriwal said.

Just before the rally, he took to social media to hit out Bedi and Ilmi for accusing AAP of doing “negative” politics. The AAP chief said he is fighting to make Delhi a better place while the BJP is fighting to defeat him.

“From the Ramlila Maidan the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) and today Kiran ji and Shazia also said that we do negative politics. But my question is people who loot the nation come to power and nobody says anything, but when a common man wants to come to power, it is not even tolerated?” Kejriwal said in a series of tweets.

He lashed out at the BJP for the controversial comments by its MPs and the communal tensions in the national capital. Referring to BJP MP from Unnao, Sakshi Maharaj, the AAP chief said that the saffron party was behind curbing the freedom of women.

“Delhi was peaceful for the past 35 years, but ahead of assembly polls they are doing venomous politics while AAP does politics of love and brotherhood. “They won elections on developmental plank, but now they say, we (the BJP) will do love jihad…we will not allow women to wear jeans…women should produce four babies. Are our mothers and sisters a baby producing machine? Who will feed the rest of the two,” the AAP chief said.

Attacking Satish Upadhyay over the alleged nexus between him and power discom BSES, Kejriwal said, that the Delhi BJP President was involved in installing electricity meters and if the saffron party comes to power, the electricity tariff can never be slashed.

“They have nominated the owner of the power discom for Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan. The BJP President is involved in installing meters that give exhorbitant bills. Then how can the BJP bring down the power tariff,” he said.

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