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Khar residents complain, eateries do brisk business

sheena bora murder case

Mumbai: The Khar Police Station has seen most of the action in the sensational Sheena Bora murder probe but this attention has left local residents unhappy as they complain that the neighbourhood has lost its peace, though the eateries there are doing brisk business.

Main accused Indrani Mukerjea, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna, media baron Peter, Sidharth Das, Shyam Rai and Mikhail Bora – the people linked to the murder mystery– have been quizzed here at regular intervals, attracting heavy media presence and curious onlookers besides a large posse of policemen.

Ever since the case came to light in August-end with arrest of Indrani in connection with the 2012 murder, the scene around the police station in this upscale suburb has changed due to cacophony over the interrogation of accused and those linked to the murky family saga.

While Khar residents complain of traffic snarls and overcrowding, food joints are doing a brisk business.

Padma Yadgira, owner of an eatery near the police station, says her outlet is receiving hoards of customers, and she has not had a minute of free time since the past week.

“The first couple of days after the case was taken up by Khar Police were terribly hectic. I and my son did not even get chance to have a sip of water. This case might have rattled some people but for us it has proved to be a boon,” she said.

Yadgira said since last week, her daily turnover has gone up by almost 70 per cent.

“We have seen many cases that have garnered media attention but not like this. We don’t earn so much even when there is a festival in the college (located nearby),” she said, pointing to the institute.

Deepak Agrawal, owner of Ganesh Energy Stall, whose shop is just next to Yadgira’s, too is happy these days.

“On normal days, we barely make enough to make our ends meet. But rarely do we see, like in this case, our profit go up considerably,” he said, adding his earning has increased by about 50 per cent in the last one week or so.

Prasumita, a 31-year-old media professional who lives opposite Khar Police Station, is, however, miffed with all this drama. She said the increased media activity has lead to chaos in the area.

“The media is here 24X7. Not that they cause any mess, but, cameras and reporters with mikes in their hands are a big attraction for people, who stand on the roads bemused, watching the unfolding drama,” she said.

Vikas Upadhyay (27), another resident, too, echoed Prasumita’s views and said media should stop giving so much importance to the case.

“I am happy that the whole country knows about Khar area now. We have got a lot of publicity. At the same time, we feel awkward that while our area did not have much traffic at one point of time, it is choc-a-block now, with onlookers standing in the middle of the road not caring about traffic,” Upadhyay said.

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