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King of fruits to lose crores of rupees this season


The government should make report on these losses and look into decrease of the quantity of Mango production

Mango_HapoosKankavali: Constant alterations in the climate have cost severe damage to the king of fruits, Mango, putting reapers in losses worth crores of rupees. The President of Devgadh taluka Mango Cultivators’ Union, Sudhir Joshi, demanded that the government should make report on these losses and look into decrease of the quantity of Mango production; research the causes with Agriculture University’s assistance and bring necessary measures to reconcile it.

Senior Mango cultivators Vijay Palekar, Umesh Teli, Hemant Sawant, Pankaj Dali and other farmers were also present there. The production has dropped during last 7-8 years and now only 10 per cent production of total expenditure is received which has distressed the cultivators. They spend on the cultivation with estimation of the returns during season but the expenses do not recover, he said.

According the cultivators, compensation that they receive from the government for losses is insufficient. Instead of paying per hector they should give compensation on the basis of actual losses suffered. Around one lakh rupees per hector is a fair return, they suggested.

For last few days dirty game of climate, where days are hot and nights are cool, has damaged cultivators badly. Agriculture University of Dapoli should research over these changes in climate and guide us to protect our crops, the cultivators demanded.

Also, fertilizers for Mango and Cashew given for sale are ineffective; government should examine this company’s production, they said.

Another issue raised by the cultivators was that they are not insured against the losses. No specific conditions are mentioned to receive compensation for losses even when they pay Rs 3000 per hector as a premium regularly. Instead other farmers get benefited by it, they said adding that temperature measuring machine should be installed under soil and government should survey the cultivators to know exact amount of losses.

Devgadh taluka Mango Cultivators had met the Minister of Industries Narayan Rane a few days back to present their issues. Farmers had received compensation for losses after his efforts. Even this year cultivators aim to work hard to bring justice to the cultivators who lost their crops.

From 700 thousand tons to just 700 tons

Just few years back alone Devgadh taluka used to produce around 700 thousand tons Mango. There were comparatively less number of trees than today; but now when more area is under cultivation along with modern technologies to harvest, production is decreasing at large. Now only 700 tons which means mere 10 per cent of fruit production is yield which shows severity of the situation.

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