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Kiran says Aamir was emotionally fragile at one point of time

Amir Khan and Kiran rao

Kiran, Amir’s better half says it is difficult to live with a person who has hug life around him

Amir Khan and Kiran raoMumbai: Superstar Aamir Khan’s director wife Kiran Rao finds it difficult to stay with a person who is a public figure.

In the upcoming episode of ‘Koffee with Karan’ Karan asks Aamir whether he is easy to live with to which the latter replies in affirmative. However, Kiran, accompanying her husband on the show, has a different viewpoint.

“It is difficult to live with a person who has this huge life around him. It is not a normal life by any standard. I have lived a very normal life up until I came around Aamir,” Kiran said.

Karan further probes her about the adjustments she made to marry him and if it took a toll on her.¬†“It did. It was difficult. I had never been in a long term, sort of serious, intense relationship. I had never lived with anyone before. It was a complete change of scene for me and also Aamir was going through a terrible time in his life,” Kiran said.

“It was difficult time in his life. Emotionally, he was fragile. He was a tinder box that anything could set off,” she said.

Aamir and Kiran get candid on the popular celebrity chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’.¬†This would be the first time that the couple will be featuring in Karan’s show.

This particular episode will be aired on coming Sunday on Star World at 9.00 pm.


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