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Kites annoys railway personnel


Electricity supply of railway usually breaks  when Manjha touches its overhead wires

kites_maladMumbai: The fever of kites spreads immediately after New Year bash. Kites of different colors and patterns have started making both sides of the roads colorful. The strings (Manjha) used to fly kites are polished with glass, metal crush and various chemicals. Hence, these Manjhas become headache to railway personnel.

Electricity supply of railway usually breaks  when Manjha touches its overhead wires. So the railway people have addition task to keep these kite lovers away from the railway surroundings, especially during this season.

Mumbai’s suburban railway line is now converted from Direct Current (DC) to Alternate Current (AC). Overhead wires transmit around 25 thousand volts of electricity in some parts of western and central railway. One doesn’t need to touch them but mere getting around them may cause a severe electric shock. If Manjha enters even into a periphery of 0.75 meters of these overhead wires, it can cause a major electric shock to a person.

There are cases where some years back a seven year old boy was injured of electric shock while flying kite. Children generally become victim of it in an attempt to release Manjha or kite hanging on the wires. In a similar incident in Nandura a13 year old boy met with a death on 16th December when trying to remove kite from wires.

To avoid such incidences suburban railway has appealed to the public not to enter railway surroundings to fly kites. Bur people generally ignore such warnings. The unsafe kite flyers are mainly seen in slum areas adjoined to railway tracks. Mahim, Bandra, Kandivali and Borivali experience these cases the most.

Beware…or you will go to jail!

Section 145 (b) of the Railway act has a provision of one month jail and fine of Rs 250 for a person flying kites in railway premises. But Railway is keener on spreading awareness about hazards of flying kites near railway rather than punishing them. Since last year, the action has been taken on 315 people collecting fine of Rs 60,000 under this act, in which around 10 per cent people are caught for flying kites in railway property. These offenders put their life in threat and cause deregulation of railway schedule due to disturbance in electricity supply, opined Sharat Chandrayan, Chief PRO, Western Railway.

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