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Lavasa’s VP becomes BMC’s Chief Strategic Planner


Lavasa Corporation’s VP Rajesh Phadke is appointed as BMC’s  Chief Strategic Planner

bmcMumbai: The BMC has undertaken new town planning work in Mumbai for which Rajesh Phadke, Vice President of Lavasa Corporation is appointed as a Chief Strategic Planner. Though the Corporation has appointed him, leading party’s stand on it will be known only in the Standing committee meeting.

Despite having Development Planning division BMC does not have proper records of all the buildings, population, land usage etc. Hence, BMC Commissioner Sitaram Kunte initiated a now Town Planning division. The post of Chief Strategic Planner was also created and applications were invited for the same. Town planner Surendra Borale, Shilpa Sakpal, Rajesh Phadke, Priya Mendiratta etc had applied for the post. Finally, BMC appointed Lavasa’s Phadke after final interview.

What is the scope of work for Chief Strategic Planner?

  • City’s town planning
  • Construction of buildings and land use planning
  • Planning for social and financial development
  • Study of the city’s economy and slums in Mumbai
  • and implementation of the new DP

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