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Leopard jumps to death in a Vafoli well

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A leopard jumped into Suhas Desai’s well and died, located at Vafoli-Adawadi village on Thursday evening

2 s10Banda: A leopard jumped his last into Suhas Desai’s well, located at Vafoli-Adawadi village on Thursday evening.

According to Forest Ranger G A Desouza, the wild cat could not have seen the well in the darkness and would have died because of excess water.

The farmers said that they heard several dogs’ barking on Wednesday night but they neglected it. They guessed that the leopard would have fallen into the well in between those hours.

On Thursday evening when Satyawan Parab and Ajay Parab smelt the stinks from the well, they looked into it and saw a dead leopard floating on its surface.

They informed Ranger Desouza. Desouza along with other villagers went to Desai’s home and informed him about the dead cat. Efforts were taken to take the leopard’s body out, but it was difficult to take it out because of the darkness hence they decided to take it out on Friday.

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