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Life threatening speed breakers


The administration is installing rumbling speed breakers on roads instead of going for its expansion to four lanes

Rambling-Speed-BrekerMahad: Aiming to control the accidents on narrow Mumbai-Goa Highway, the management is installing ‘rumbling speed breakers’ on roads instead of going for its expansion to four lanes.

Mumbai-Goa highway is the oldest road built during the British era. Many highways, expressways were constructed in a state after that, their four-laning, six laning were done too but this highway connecting Mumbai with Goa through Konkan has not yet been expanded.

The four-laning work is in process between Panvel and Kolad.  But the work on rest of the highway is sluggish. This one and only path connecting Konkan has become center of accidents, so the travelers in Konkan prefer to take Pune-Kolhapur route to travel instead.

The identity of this highway has now felled from bad and narrow to the highway of rumbling speed breakers. The road between Panvel to Indapur is damaged during the four-laning work. Whereas, the road between Indapur and Kashedi is in a good condition though narrow.

The installation of rumbling speed breakers is ongoing since last month. Ten rumbling speed breakers are installed at the distance of every one kilometer while eight to ten of them are installed at the place near Mahad. They were installed to control the accidents but now they are being prime reason of accidents.

There are guidelines about distance to consider between installations of speed breakers on highways. They are installed as per the decision of a committee consisting of a District Officer and Sub-Divisional Officer. On Mumbai-Goa highway they are being installed according to the villager’s demand. Therefore, the question has risen whether these speed breakers are for the safety of travelers or prosperity of contractors?

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  1. what effact is done to vehical by that rumbler means speedbraker i cant understand????
    i think that rumbler dameg to vehical? and i will resarch it

    • Dear Mahadev,
      These rumbling speedbrakers are not being installed as per the guidelines. To control accidents on this route, they are installing these speedbreakers instead of expanding the width of this narrow road.

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