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List of what will be cheaper and costlier


Those that would turn cheaper include leather footwear, locally made mobiles, computer tablets, microwave ovens, peanut butter, packaged fruits, ambulance service and agarbattis.

Following is a list of what will be cheaper and costlier:


> Cigarettes and other tobacco products
> Completely built imported commercial vehicles
> Cement
> Aerated, flavoured drinks and packaged water
> Plastic bags and sacks
> Business and executive class air travel
> Visit to amusement and theme park
> Music concerts
> Liquor, chit fund and lottery


> Leather footwear priced above Rs 1,000 per pair
> Locally made mobile phones, LED/LCD panels, LED lights and LED Lamps
> Solar Water heater
> Pacemakers, ambulance and ambulance services
> Computer tablets
> Agarbattis
> Microwave ovens
> Refrigerator compressors
> Peanut butter, packaged fruits and vegetables
> Visit to museum, zoo and national park.

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