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Lok Sabha elections in May, no threat over confidence: Kamal Nath

Kamal Nath

Kamal Nath calls “It’s weird but they are pained” at those Congress MPs talking of bringing a no-confidence motion against their own government

Kamal NathNew Delhi: Dismissing any threat in wake of plans by some anti Telangana Lok Sabha MPs, including those from Congress, to bring a no-confidence motion, Union Minister Kamal Nath today said the government has the numbers and the general elections will be held in May as per schedule.

He also said that so far only four members of TDP have given notice for the motion on which the Speaker Meira Kumar will take a decision as per the rules.

“There is some speculation that elections may be held earlier. This is absolutely wrong. The UPA government will complete its full term and elections will be held as per its schedule in May.

“The government has the numbers and any no-confidence motion will not succeed…The government has majority. So the question of any no-confidence motion succeeding does not arise,” the Parliamentary Affairs Minister told reporters outside Parliament.

Asked about the threat from some Seemandhra MPs of Congress to bring a no-confidence motion against the government, the minister said that as of today, four TDP members have given notices to bring a no-confidence motion and the Speaker will decide the issue according to the rules.

“It is definitely weird but they are pained,” the minister said when asked about Congress MPs talking of bringing a no-confidence motion against their own government.

Congress spokesperson P C Chacko said he does not think that political parties are in a mood to support a no- confidence motion at a time when three-four months are left for the next general elections.

“This is an unwise step taken by Andhra MPs…So whatever be their decisions, I am quite sure this will be defeated in Parliament. With three-four months to go for the general elections, no political party is in a mood to go for no-confidence motion. This is not at all necessary. UPA is quite confident,” he said.


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