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Love old Bollywood songs, they are so real: Yatharth Ratnum

Yatharth Ratnum

Mumbai :  Yatharth Ratnum, who won English singing reality show “The Stage”, loves old Bollywood songs and finds it difficult to feel a genuine connection with the emotion of a song in the B-Town today.

“I don’t mind singing in Hindi, I would love it. But lately, it has been more and more difficult to feel a genuine connection with the emotion of a song in Bollywood. I love old songs…they are so real,” Yatharth told PTI.

“People like Ehsaan (Noorani) or Vishal Dadlani who are amazing musicians and beautiful human beings ask me to sing something.. I’ll be there right on time. Its about finding the right space and right people to work with,” he said.

19-year-old Yatharth from Varanasi was announced the winner on Colors Infinity’s English singing reality show, “The Stage” on the channel on December 13.

He idolises singers like Elvis Presley, Chris Martin, Chet Baker, Michael Jackson, Sam Smith and Bruno Mars.

The feeling of being winner is yet to sunk in for Yatharth.

“I still want somebody to pinch me. It’s an amazing feeling. After all the sleepless nights and digging deep within yourself, when your hard work finally gets recognised, the feeling is priceless,” he added.

When Yatharth started this show he never thought about winning it.

“That wasn’t the goal. I wanted to have a good time. I’m getting out of this a much better person, and that’s the biggest win for me,” he added.

He feels there is scope of singing in English in the country. “Times have changed and when people like Ehsaan, Vishal Dadlani, Monica Dogra are backing this up. It’ll only get better.

“I listen to everything from classical to jazz to pop, classic rock to rap and hip hop and admire different elements in each style,” he added.

For Yatharth, finding the right songs to sing on “The Stage” had been a task.

“All that pressure and competition and it can get really tough to prioritise the things you should be thinking about.”

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