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Maha: Proposal on direct trade between farmer-consumer tabled


Mumbai : Maharashtra Industries minister Subhash Desai has tabled a proposal before the state cabinet to allow a direct trade between farmers and consumers without Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) as a mediator.

The Shiv Sena minister’s proposal contradicts BJP minister Chandrakant Patil’s recent remark where he backed APMC’s role saying the trade body ensures farmers get proper return and are not cheated.

On the proposal, Desai said: “It is obvious that the APMC or traders will oppose the move, but we have to think of farmers and consumers. Thus, we will not backout. We are hoping that the proposed draft will be discussed in next 2-3 weeks and once cleared by the cabinet, (it) will be implemented.”

He said housing societies or residents of a particular area can order vegetables or fruits directly from farmers which will be beneficial for both.

“Consumers will get fresh vegetables at a proper price and farmers will get a good market. Both farmers and consumers will be happy with this deal,” he added.

Notably, the Central government has proposed to delist vegetables and fruits, specially potato and onion from APMC regulation, which was accepted by three states, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

This is in contrast to Maharashtra PWD minister Patil’s statement, who had last week said that he would question the Centre on why it is insisting to implement such a policy.

After meeting with APMC traders, Patil had said they will consider the traders and that APMC should not be in any danger.

He had also raised doubts that in case of direct selling, there could be chances of cheating and had announced that he would meet Central ministers to discuss the issue.

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