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Maitreyee Dandekar of Dapoli becomes Lieutenant in Indian Army


A 24 year old Maitreyee Dandekar got selected as the ‘Lieutenant Officer’ in Indian Army

MAITREYI-DANDEKARDapoli: It was determined by a standard four student to be in Indian Army; a childhood dream came true and Maitreyee Dandekar got selected as the ‘Lieutenant Officer’ in Indian Army. She received a letter on 15th March stating her first posting at Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, informed her father Dr Raja Dandekar. Dandekar family is flooded with best wishes from well wishers on selection of their 24 year old daughter in Army.

Maitreyee is a second lady from Ratnagiri district to be selected in Army. Medeen Chavan was earlier selected in Army from Dapoli. Maitreyee completed her schooling in renowned Sohani Primary School of Dapoli Education Society.

She is the first child of Dandekar family’s third generation to enter into the Army. The family has old tradition from Grandfather Cdr Narayan Ramchandra Dandekar who was in a battalion of Royal British Army till 1947. Her uncle Arvind Dattatray Dandekar was serving in Army as the Subhedar Havaldar till 1965. He was awarded with Overseas Summer Services and Raksha medal. Maitreyee will continue family’s legacy, her father said while speaking with ‘Prahaar’.

She studied in SG School of Dapoli from first to forth standard and completed her SSC from Rani Laxmibai Military School in Pune. She was in SP College to complete her HSC and completed further education in Ferguson College. Later she opted Bio-diversity subject to complete her MSc from MES College.

Meanwhile, she was achieving higher grades in national level defense examinations like Combine Defense Services of Service Selection Board. She was the one from Maharashtrian Marathi family in selected 30 on national level. She enrolled for training in April 2013 and achieved success in various other things like Hand Ball, 25 km running practice, horse riding, shooting etc and earned gold, silver and bronze medals post training period. This made her chances brighter to get selection in Army. She was trained as a Senior Under Officer during training sessions. She was also awarded with Best Cadet Medal and Medal for First In Army Services during this period.

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