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Malaysia Airlines passengers to hand-carry e-cigarettes


Kuala Lumpur: Crisis-hit Malaysia Airlines passengers will now have to hand-carry their electronic cigarettes and not put them in their check-in baggage following a new safety alert.

However, this ruling does not alter the no-smoking rule in the passenger cabin.

The new directive followed a safety alert by the Federal Aviation Administration, recommending that airline operators ensure all passengers carry e-cigarettes in the aircraft’s cabin, the airlines said in a statement.

“Following recent fire incidents involving e-cigarettes, the FAA issued a safety alert recommending all airline operators to ensure e-cigarettes (also called personal vapourisers or electronic nicotine delivery) be carried by passengers exclusively in the cabin of the aircraft and not in checked baggage,” the statement said.

“Carriage of e-cigarettes in the passenger cabin addresses this safety risk by ensuring that if an incident does occur, it can be immediately identified and mitigated,” it said.

Recently, an overheated e-cigarette sparked a fire in a piece of luggage at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Malaysia Airlines is suffering loss after witnessing a difficult period last year.

Its Flight MH370 with 239 people aboard lost contact on March 8 2014 . No trace of any wreckage has been found so far.

Another flight MH17 was shot down by a missile over eastern Ukraine on July 17 2014, killing all 289 people aboard.

In April, a Bangalore-bound Malaysia Airlines plane with 166 people on board turned back shortly after takeoff due toproblem in its landing gear.

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