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Man kills wife over delay in serving tea


murder Bhubaneswar: A old man (56 yrs) killed his wife as he delayed serving him tea in the morning, police said on friday.

The incident took plae on wednesday at Guhalipal village, in Odisha, obout 110km from Bhubaneshwar.

The trouble started on Monday morning when accused Mahalia Nayak asked his wife Jhana, who was a year younger to him, to serve him tea.

The argument intensified when the man continued to argue with his wife after she refused to cook and serve him food, he said.

Nayak raised the issue again on Wednesday night and then killed her with a sharp weapon, Nath said.

The murder case came to light when police arrested tha man a day later.

Police have arrested Nayak after he confessed to the crime, he said.

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