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Mane explores the darker side of fairness in ‘Ek Hota Kavu’

Viju Mane

Marathi filmmaker Viju Mane, portraying inferiority complex suffered by dark-skinned people, feels that ad campaigns favoring such trends have left the confidence of the ‘black’ shattered

Viju ManePanaji: Marathi filmmaker Viju Mane, who has portrayed the inferiority complex suffered by dark-skinned people due to society’s obsession with fairness in ‘Ek Hota Kavu’, feels that ad campaigns favoring such trends have left the confidence of the ‘black’ shattered.

“If you see any advertisement they show that you have to be white to be confident. What is wrong in being dark? They are also human beings, they too have feelings. The definition of beauty revolves around fairness. It is (short film) about inferiority complex of being black,” Mane informed.

Mane’s movie is a part of anthology ‘Bioscope’ which was premiered during ongoing Goa Marathi Film Festival.

The director said the story idea originated in his mind in his childhood, when he saw his best friend with dark complexion fall in love with a fair girl.

“This story is from my real life experience. The story is based on my best buddy when I was a kid. When a black person falls in love with fair girl everybody teases him. People question him,” he said.

“Why can’t he fall in love with fair girl? He can be a better human being than her. He can have more intellect but we judge people by their color. That was an incident that triggered the story. Ultimately, my childhood friend and his love could not come together,” he added.

The film is based on a poem by Kishor Kadam.

Asked if it was difficult for him to make a film from a poem, Mane said that it was never a challenge for him as he himself is a poet.

“I am from a theatre background. But it was a challenge to get it on the film format. It was kind of an enjoyment for me more than a challenge,” said the director, who has rubbed shoulders with Marathi film industry veterans like Gajendra Ahire, Girish Mohite and Ravi Jadhav in ‘Bioscope’.

“I had to struggle a bit. I wanted it to be a very simplistic film. I have tried to make it as simple as possible. You can sense a good romantic film out of it. I am thinking of making a full length movie on the subject,” he said.


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