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MHADA administration helpless in front of intruders


Kannamwar Nagar Transit Camp’s redevelopment plan on paper from 4 years

MHADA 1Mumbai: The redevelopment plan at Kannamwar Nagar transit camp of Vikroli is pending on papers from past four years. Reason: the MHADA administration is not sure on how to remove the intruders from its premises.

The proposed plan is designed for seven story 43 buildings along with 20 ground floor chawls. In the administrative decision of the year 2009, the proposal was passed and orders for the work orders were given on 12th March 2010. The expected cost for the redevelopment would be of Rs 358 crore.

But the number of intruders in these premises is more than actual residents. It has created a major hurdle in front of the government agency.

These transit camp building have become old. There are 2118 houses in this transit camp. At present construction of two buildings is completed. The demolishing work of other three building is taking place but in other buildings, it is found that the number of intruders is more than the actual residents.

MHADA 2Thus the intruders are not ready to leave the buildings considering the permanent loss. The agency does not have any policy on intruders thus they cannot be moved out of these buildings.

The MHADA administration is in a fix over the removal of intruders. It is reported that some of the intruders have acquired the MHADA flats by making deals with the brokers.

It is also reported that there is a same situation at all the transit camps in the city. Around 75% of the homes in transit camps are majority of intruders. At present the MHADA is proposing that the intruders be named as tenants and later would be regularized.

The proposal would delete the word ‘intruder’ from MHADA’s work culture. The decision would benefit more to the intruders than the actual residents.

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