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MHADA’s new software tests satisfactory

Mhada Office.

Now the document submission procedure is just a click away!

Mhada Office.Mumbai: The newly developed software presentation program for the winning applicants of year 2013 lottery of MHADA indicated satisfaction as they can submit the documents more easily.

The presentation program was held at Rangsharada auditorium in Bandra. Around 750 winning applicants along with the journalists were present at the program.

This was the first time for the housing and area development agency to organize a presentation and many from the audience were satisfied and thanked MHADA as their queries were solved. Citizens from all strata were present at the program.

Talking with the press, N K Sudhanshu, Chief Executive Officer, MHADA said, “Now the applicants can submit their scanned documents through this newly developed software. At present it has been decided that the documents would be sent from particular banks. The implementation of the scheme will take place in the period of upcoming 20 days,” he said.

The MHADA also planned to establish a call center for providing more information, guidance and for other queries.

One can get the accurate information regarding the lottery via the call center or on a toll free number.

The MHADA officials guided on the documents for eligibility and mentioned the procedure to submit them. A documentary was shown about MHADA at the beginning of the program. Then the presentation of software was conducted.

The presentation provided information on the importance of software, and the basic information for opening the software and how to submit the documents.

At first the applicant should enter the application number once the software is started. Then the applicant would receive a mobile password. After adding the password, the applicant can enter the software. Then one can send their scanned documents to the agency. The applicant can also find out current status in the eligibility procedure to get the house. Now the applicants do not need to visit for the details for number of times, they can get the information just in a click! Applicants can get more information at MHADA call center.

MHADA’s first initiative received a warm response. Many from the audience could raise their plea. The applicants spoke out their satisfaction on details of the exact documents and their submission procedure.

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