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Incorrect milestones causes loss to State Transport

ST bus

Milestones have now become biggest obstacle in the revenue generation of State Transport 

ST busMumbai: Milestones on road are commonly placed to count the distance that had been traveled and to be traveled. But these milestones have now become biggest obstacle in the revenue generation of State Transport (ST).

The milestones are indicators of distance, but in reality ST buses are travelling more than the distance mentioned on milestones. Hence, they are facing losses of extra kilometers which are consuming extra diesel.

ST noticed that the buses in Guhagar depot run more kms than the distance planned. The officers in this department then personally examined the issue to know that official records of kilometers with ST are incorrect. The distances were recorded on the basis on milestones many years ago. In reality, buses are running more than the recorded distances because the milestones are incorrectly placed but the tickets are issued for the distances which are in records resulting in further losses.

No action is taken on this issue as of yet, said Shivajirao Chavan, the president of Maharashtra State ST Workers Union.

The difference in recorded and actual distances is substantial 40-45 kms. ST cannot afford to give up such large revenue. So this issue needs to be studied for further decision, said Mukund Dhas, the Public Relation officer of ST.

ST Bus Route >> Recorded Distance (KM) >> Actual Distance (Km) >> Difference (Km)

Guhagar-Bhatgaon-Paral >> 863 >> 946 >> 83

Guhagar-Kolhapur >> 436 >> 481 >> 45

Guhagar-Tawsal-Mumbai >> 846 >> 884 >> 38

Guhagar-Miraj >> 462 >> 490 >> 28

Guhagar-Swargate >> 568 >> 594 >> 26

Guhagar-Chiplun-Ratnagiri >> 135 >> 142 >> 07

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