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Mismanagement paused Thane’s growth


Ruling Party Shivsena’s suar coated lies have troubled residents’ lives 

Thane MNCThane: Shivsena, the ruling party in the municipal corporation recently organized a Morcha to stress the implementation of ‘Cluster development plan’ for reconstruction of risky and illegal buildings in Thane Municipal corporation limits.

It was a said to be Shivsena’s attempt to win Thaneites hearts. But it is a parody that Shivsena has been ruling the corporation from past 23 years. The mismanagement in public administration has made Thane’s growth paused.

There was a time when Thane was a bunch of many villages. Within some years the villages were added to Thane Municipality’s limits and development of Thane city was started. In those days Thane-Belapur was known as an industrial belt.

With the change of time, many industrialists could not bear the Octroi along with other taxes with the changing city. Thus many companies stopped working permanently. Some had to leave Thane. But the land of the companies could worth in gold was easily fell into local developer’s hands. It is reported that these developers used ‘Money, Muscle and Power’ in developing the area. In result illegal construction in Wagle estate, Kisan Nagar, Vartak Nagar, Kalawa, Mumbra, Railadevi, Lokmanya Nagar, Patalipada, Balkum spreaded like a flood.

There was zero control over the construction those days. On the basis of such constructions, ordinary Shivsena party workers could afford four wheelers. These workers later became people’s representatives with the support from the high command.

After becoming the representatives, these people behaved as if they had got an authority to construct without completing the procedure. In this way the illegal construction’s swelling became popular in Thane city.

Rulers blessing is Land Mafias’ strength

The barbaric union of rulers, land mafias and government officials resulted in 5,342 illegal constructions in Thane Municipal Corporation’s limits. The residents, living in these constructions have been living under the fear of losing their property. Though the figures are declared by the civic body itself the fact still remains unchained that the land mafias eaten up government owned land with support from the local rulers.

Thus now the numbers tolled to 62,480 illegal constructions. Major accidents in the risky buildings are not new to Thane city now. On 4th April 2013, a building in vicinity of Lucky compound area was collapsed and 74 people had died in the accident.

The construction was carried on the land owned by the Municipal body and the Forest department. But nothing could change the picture. After such a major tragedy, land mafias have galloped their wings and have been eating up government owned lands by regular encroachments. The activities are supported by the ruling party leaders. Hence the illegal constructions have not only created a hurdle in the beautification of the city but it has also created the critical situation with lack of basic amenities.

Thus the efficient citizens are demanding that it is the need of the hour from the ruling party leaders to control the illegal constructions, who are demanding the immediate implementation of ‘Cluster development plan’ to the state government.

Plasters to old constructions in MLA’s constituency

Shivsena MLA Eknath Shinde’s Kopri-Pachpakhadi constituency is in the news and not for a good reason. In Kisan Nagar area, where the MLA himself lives, has the maximum illegal constructions in the area. Many sewer lines flowing from the area have been changed for these constructions.  Some lines have been covered permanently. With small roads, illegal buildings at a nose’s distance, residents’ life has been hanged in the old structures.

Shivsena, the ruling party has been lulling the residents with glossy dreams of cluster development from many years. The affected residents now have realized the sugar coating statements of these leaders and have chosen their own path. They are plastering the old constructions to save the structures from collapsing.

But the fact is that the weak construction cannot stand on such plaster bandages. It is judged that the building can collapse in no time.

Encroachments on Govt. lands

Govt. Land- 19,811

MIDC- 25,360

Forest Department -13,824

Constructions done before 1995– 923

Constructions done before 2000- 2293

 Total- 62,480

Illegal constructions as per the wards in Municipal Corporation’s limits

Vartak Nagar- 287

Wagle estate- 1048

Mumbra- 1866

Majivadi- 295

Kalwa- 534

Uthalsar- 552

Kopri- 70

Naupada- 399

Railadevi- 291


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