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MIT engineers working on device to test ball trackers: Kumble

Anil Kumble

New Delhi: Former India captain and ICC Cricket Committee chairman Anil Kumble today said that engineers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are working on a device that will detect the efficiency of the Decision Review System tools like ball tracker.

In fact Kumble himself was in MIT campus recently and dropped in at one of the institute’s lab to have a look at the work in progress.

“The MIT is assisting ICC to develop tools for analysing ball tracker. The device is being prepared which will then test results of the ball tracking device independently. Recently I was there at the MIT for a lecture and what I saw at their lab, the apparatus that they have prepared is very impressive,” Kumble said during an event here today.

“The device will help us check the range of inaccuracies rather than other way round. Then we can take a call,” the former India captain said.

However when asked about his stance on the DRS issue considering the one from BCCI has been pretty rigid, he said, “It is not right for me to take a stance. As a captain (in 2008 in Sri lanka), I was not convinced with the tools used and the accuracy of it.”

Asked about the seven years of DRS, Kumble said,”I think it’s all about upgrading of technology. First there were days of autographs and now it’s about selfies.”

On a lighter note, Kumble, who is a qualified mechanical engineer, said, “Actually, every engineer at some point in time thinks about going to MIT for studies and research. I never thought cricket will take me to MIT as I went there to give a lecture on Indian sports.”

Kumble has been a part of the ICC Cricket committee that has cleared the first-ever Day/night Test match between Australia and New Zealand set to be held in Adelaide, this November.

“Unless you try something, you would not be knowing as to how good or bad it is. The basic idea is to bring people back to the ground as in some centres it was not possible. We want the office-goers to atleast enjoy one session of Test match.
As far as the pink ball is concerned, it has passed the MCC test,” the third highest wicket-taker in history of the game said.

However one issue that he completely avoided was the repercussions of the stinging IPL verdict that had CSK and Rajasthan Royals suspended from the league for two years.

“I think game of cricket is paramount for me and no one is above the game,” Kumble sidestepped the relevant issue completely.

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