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MLA Pramod Jathar’s fake face comes out open!


Jathar, a BJP MLA was seen campaigning for the SP candidates in Mumbai!

JATHARKankavli: BJP MLA Pramod Jathar’s politics and fake face and many activities have come out wide open in the recent video CD. ┬áJathar who himself claims that his upbringing is in the doctrines of BJP and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), was seen campaigning for Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi in Mumbai.

Not only that Jathar changed his cap and worn the cap having SP logo on it and even changed the shawl he used to had earlier. This personality who wears one face in Sindhudurg and other in Mumbai has come out wide open in front of the people now. It is reported that major gossips have been taking place in his constituency amid the video CD has come out.

Jathar who always boasts for his strong RSS connection after contesting election in Devgad-Kankavli-Vaibhavvadi state assembly constituency and shares many examples of his loyalty. but in reality, now it is clearly seen that his close relationship is with Samajwadi Party and not with the BJP. In a recent public rally in Mumbai, Jathar was seen campaigning for Azami’s party’s candidates. Thus his two face persona has been revealed wide open.

Generally Jathar wears the hindutva burqa and says his strong loyalty to the RSS but his recent participation in the SP rally and his pictures with Abu Azmi have clearly shown his true colors. The term of interpreter in Malvani language is apt for MLA Jathar.

When the video CD was seen in Kankavli in front of some dignitaries and at media houses here, it was clear that his intellectual and value based commitment does not stand with the RSS and the BJP.

Jathar who used to tell that he had the doctrines of RSS in his early days, was seen wearing the SP logo cap and wearing that party’s shawl while campaigning for Azmi’s candidates.

When such candidates go and ask the citizens to vote them for their stand. It is natural that many questions rise in society. It is also reported that some of his close aids had released the CD and it has been sent to various media houses to take the notice.

Jathar’s cap and campaigning has turned a hot topic of discussion at local level and it has raised the questions among the citizens.

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